Christmas and New Year´s

08/01/2016 23:43

All the best in the new year!

I think that a lot of good things are happening this year. The first good thing is the concert this Saturday, and if I am not coughing, I will be singing there! Come listen to an awesome choir that I joined!!!!

What did I receive last year? Many donations from wonderful donors that helped me to go the conference in the US, to rebuild my Koala wheelchair, to buy a new bike carrier, a new special chair, a new mattress and pillow, a car and an elevator. We wouldn’t have any of this without your help!

What do I look forward to in the new year? Hopefully, my car (really, I am the owner of the car because of some crazy Czech law; my parents had to go to the court to get an approval that I, as a minor, can own a car) will have a ramp built in so that I can drive my wheelchair into a car by myself. I am also hoping that I will get a stander, a wheelchair-accessible bathroom and a treatment that will cure me;) My dad also promised me robotic arms so that I can box with him. Do you know anyone who makes them?

The wheelchair is just the best. I only wish it would be even faster so that I can run away more. I have the fastest possible speed but it seems to me that it is not enough. Mom and dad say that I am naughty when I run away but what they can do, I am a rascal! I drive my wheelchair now every time we go out. We have been to the ZOO where I managed to run out of batteries, then to the Brevnov monastery park, the Petrin tower, Prokop Valley and many times around Zbuzany with our Peppa pig. Today I was skidding on the snow!

The wheelchair is simply wonderful. We were at Christmas carol singing in Brevnov where I went to meet some girls who were playing there, and I didn’t need mom and dad’s help at all. Sometimes I am a bit dangerous, that is true, but I am getting better. Grandpa says that they should insure me. So far I have only scratched my car and damaged a few interiors. I wore out the linoleum floor at our friend’s in Moldava, so now I know to close the door gently without the wheels spinning. The Moldava train station is wheelchair accessible, huge and empty. I did slalom between the columns.

What was the most beautiful thing about Christmas? Trips, visits, and especially, the fact that little Jesus brought me more presents than I wished for! Actually he forgot to give me all the presents on the 24th and brought them on the 25th! I had to have been soooo good! I love the fireworks and I got up at midnight so that I don’t miss anything, and our best “pyrotechnist” fired one just for me! It is so pretty, and I like the blue light the most.

We found out that my continuous cough is partly caused by allergies to dust mites. Now we are freezing the mattresses, and we have declared a ban on teddy bears. It is too bad, becausemy beloved Long-ears used to sleep next to me and now he has to sleep outside in the cold.


P.S. I love walking on all fours, and once I start with help from my dad, I never want to stop! See photo 3 in the new photo gallery...