Last half a year

/album/last-half-a-year/img-2884-jpg1/ Thanks to you I won´t be taking mud inside in the winter. Thank you for the new parking spot and the new sign. /album/last-half-a-year/img-2888-jpg1/ Boriiiiik, do not step on my new grass!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-2900-jpg1/ I live here! /album/last-half-a-year/img-2904-jpg1/ When watering the grass, our green car is parked at neighbors... Summer is just great!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-2495-jpg1/ Guess, where am I? In the pond Maranek with my gang. Dad remembers when there was water in... I don´t really believe him, the grass is so high. /album/last-half-a-year/img-2511-jpg1/ Neighbors from Zbuzany started to look after our village, isn´t it great?!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-2515-jpg1/ Dad, what is the pressure of my tires? Is it ok? Will I make it out? And when will I have the cross-country wheelchair? /album/last-half-a-year/img-2520-jpg1/ That is a nice group of kids at the new bench, right? But to get here my yellow-one is really hard work!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-2558-jpg1/ The grass is grown, so I am going to train the drifts. Sometimes dad´s waters the road so that it is faster :D I reaaally enjoy it! /album/last-half-a-year/img-2564-jpg1/ Who has bigger eyes than me?!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3001-jpg1/ Oh yeah, when we get together with my buddies at my table, it is a lot of fun :) /album/last-half-a-year/img-3043-jpg1/ We are going to Belgium. An adventure ahead of us. We have one-day delay and thus we have to drive for 8 hours the first day. It is difficult, but our crew is great!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3044-jpg1/ We have everything, most importantly Aka, which is vital for Borik. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3056-jpg1/ Our first stay was not completely without barriers, nevertheless, it was very nice!!!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3060-jpg1/ The rides were really fun! I made some nice holes in the gravel :) /album/last-half-a-year/img-3064-jpg1/ We took a family picture in the sunshine and quickly off to the hospital for check-ups.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3069-jpg1/ We were not interested in the photographer, but the bakery was delicious! /album/last-half-a-year/img-3071-jpg1/ We forgot to send a package to our friends, so we are going to do it now.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3076-jpg1/ Fish soup in Liege for strenght before check-ups. So tasty!!! /album/last-half-a-year/img-3089-jpg1/ Brilliant news!!! In February I will hopefully get Spinraza! YIPEE!!!! Dad is showing us the flood bank of the river Maza and it is getting cold.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3098-jpg1/ We had a royal breakfast in the morning and my little brother loved it. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3101-jpg1/ When I was in the hospital with my parents, Borik was with Petr who has to eat two breakfasts because dad had a stomache :)
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3108-jpg1/ /album/last-half-a-year/img-3112-jpg1/ The last stop before Oostende where I was born. The best accomodation in the world! With horses! We highly recommend!!!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3118-jpg1/ Borivoj joined in the farmwork straight away and started to cart the straw to the horses with a great loader. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3124-jpg1/ Mom was afraid that Witse might eat my joystick but we understood each other well...
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3126-jpg1/ I cannot wait for another visit! Who comes with us? The second horse was a bit jealous, so I had to take care of him, too ;) /album/last-half-a-year/img-3127-jpg1/ ...
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3133-jpg1/ We were riding high speed back and forth and then forth and back again /album/last-half-a-year/img-3139-jpg1/ This is it and the horses live right behind it. Exactly so! In the same house :D
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3142-jpg1/ The trampoline in the ground is fantastic, I made my parents a little worried when I got on with my yellow-one :D /album/last-half-a-year/img-3148-jpg1/ This was our bedroom ;) The cheapest accomodation in Belgium.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3155-jpg1/ Morning exercise is always very difficult, the same for me as for dad. We both hate it! /album/last-half-a-year/img-3166-jpg1/ Dad is checking on what we are doing in the stables from the bedroom.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3174-jpg1/ Petr is checking us from the kitchen. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3192-jpg1/ And I am checking how the horses are training.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3196-jpg1/ This is where I was born! Oostende with double oo. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3216-jpg1/ According to the legend dad and Petr and Stepan were wandering around here. With a forehead light they climed all those towers.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3218-jpg1/ I drove through here but I did not get to the beach... I sank. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3223-jpg1/ This wharf wasn´t here. We will nicely drive here. Borik is tired, so he is probably carried.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3235-jpg1/ The sandbox is really big, but the wind is quite cold. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3236-jpg1/ That is a nose, right?!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3244-jpg1/ Dad carried me to the water. He has trained arms ;) /album/last-half-a-year/img-3246-jpg1/ We are picking shells for a necklace.
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3254-jpg1/ Do you recognise? It is raining and ugly... Oh yes, we are in Wageningen, the Netherlands :) I spent my first half year with mom and dad here . /album/last-half-a-year/img-3262-jpg1/ There was some event on the square...
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3268-jpg1/ Using various seeds we created pictures. /album/last-half-a-year/img-3288-jpg1/ We spent the night at Jaap´s family
/album/last-half-a-year/img-3289-jpg1/ where I lived till six months of age. /album/last-half-a-year/img-2667-jpg1/ My very first shoes! We just bought them in Wageningen on our way from Belgium. What do you say?
/album/last-half-a-year/img-0048-jpg1/ Have you seen Zootropolis? Ok. I am the sloth. /album/last-half-a-year/img-0053-jpg1/ or don´t you think so?
/album/last-half-a-year/img-0075-jpg1/ No, and what about a monkey? :D /album/last-half-a-year/img-0092-jpg1/ And the fall came! The leaves are falling and I have a new red hat!
/album/last-half-a-year/img-0117-jpg1/ The gang of the Nova street! /album/last-half-a-year/img-0138-jpg1/ And let´s go
/album/last-half-a-year/img-0151-jpg1/ That´s us! Let it be snow or summer... /album/last-half-a-year/img-0164-jpg1/ We have a new service staircase. When I get stuck in the elevator, they come to rescue me fast!


/album/summer/img-2557-jpg1/ And again on the rooooaaaad! This time Borik decided to ride in my stroller :) We are on our way to the Jeseniky mountains, we are going there for a week to visit our friends, yeah!!! /album/summer/img-2571-jpg1/ When not exercising, we were dancing.
/album/summer/img-2786-jpg1/ I ate together with the boys, so that I enjoyed it more. /album/summer/img-2570-jpg1/ and every night dad read some stories to us. Each time Kuba was next to me ;)
/album/summer/img-2621-jpg1/ Kuba, my big love. He is showing me around. /album/summer/img-2623-jpg1/ I leaned back a bit for this picture, so it is all cool. We are here to pick up black and red current.
/album/summer/img-2647-jpg1/ He is a really cool guy! He jumped over the fence, flew past me and landed at the house. Really, no kidding! /album/summer/img-2664-jpg1/ We got a permission to drive to the top of Praded mountain. It was wonderful, only the tower is quite inaccessible...
/album/summer/img-2681-jpg1/ Aunt took a group picture. It is hot but up here it was really windy, so let´s go back down quickly. /album/summer/img-2685-jpg1/ A beautiful skyline. It is a pity that it is a bit hazy.
/album/summer/img-2700-jpg1/ Other mountains to go to next time. /album/summer/img-2705-jpg1/ Hey, mom, and can I go there when my wheelprints are not on the picture?
/album/summer/img-2723-jpg1/ In a line with the other fast and strong engines. Dad was a bit nervous when I was driving around them, supposedly my yellow-one is not insured or what? /album/summer/img-2728-jpg1/ My Kuba and aunt, oooh
/album/summer/img-2735-jpg1/ Going down was quite a workout, what can I say... /album/summer/img-2744-jpg1/ I had to give a ride to some members of our expedition because of their exhaustion.
/album/summer/img-2753-jpg1/ Hmmm, time for refreshment. Dad, we have lunch and you ride your bike back up the hill and get the car, ok! /album/summer/img-2805-jpg1/ We stopped at the spa Karlova studanka for a mineral water. Borik and dad are addicted to it.
/album/summer/img-2814-jpg1/ We all had some, mom and I don´t like it and the smell of it! /album/summer/img-2819-jpg1/ They talked me into trying it and now look what it did to me! I fell to the ground.
/album/summer/img-2840-jpg1/ We stopped by the waterfalls and dad took me to the water, so that I can try how cold it is. I had to try whether the water in the waterfall is /album/summer/img-2846-jpg1/ also mineral water and it is not! Dad is making fun of us!
/album/summer/img-2836-jpg1/ There are moments when it is just too much. I cannot wait to hold my head by myself! /album/summer/img-2207-jpg1/ The seat in dad´s canoe is perfect, I even ran down the rapids :)
/album/summer/img-2261-jpg1/ We were at the Treetop Walkway! It is completely wheelchair accessible! /album/summer/img-2337-jpg1/ We rode our bikes around the lake and drank a very good soda...
/album/summer/img-2376-jpg1/ My brother is incidentally and by his own interest becoming my assistant. Dad, is the carrier stalled?! /album/summer/img-2385-jpg3/ Sometimes it is too much for him, so he just sits down...
/album/summer/img-2267-jpg1/ ...but he is the best! They get over every trouble with his girl-friend Aka! /album/summer/img-2398-jpg1/ I felt here a little like in a plastic bag!
/album/summer/img-2413-jpg1/ Looking good, right?! /album/summer/img-2438-jpg1/ Let me introduce you my little cousin! I love to cuddle with her!
/album/summer/img-2236-jpg1/ At the Lipno race they organised a donation for me. Recently, we broke the bottle, where the money were collected in. It amounted to around 500 dollars! We are buying the new track wheelchair ramps! /album/summer/img-3581-jpg1/ This is how we prepared the bottle with money inside and then we...
/album/summer/img-3588-jpg1/ ...kept hitting it almost for a minute before it broke. /album/summer/img-3595-jpg1/ I wanted to start counting right away but dad stopped me. He said I could have had a hand like a hedgehog full of slivers of glass...
/album/summer/img-3014-jpg1/ Elisaku, I will catch you! /album/summer/img-3022-jpg1/ That was a beautiful decoration, right?!
/album/summer/img-3027-jpg1/ Dad, brother and mom were shining, as grandma says, like moon on the manure... /album/summer/img-3038-jpg1/ Since I have BiPAP for the night and a CoughAssist during the day, I blow like the north wind!
/album/summer/img-2466-jpg1/ Boys from our street use my ramp like a start line! Yeah, summer is great! /album/summer/img-2480-jpg1/ I really like to play "Sorry". My record is five sixs in a row. It is usual for me to have three in sequence. Noone gets it. I do, I have a special SMA power!


/album/sea/img-1551-jpg1/ A little workout with my uncle Vavra at his Kayak Beach Bar. /album/sea/img-1557-jpg1/ Because when I get older, I will be a kayaker, too!
/album/sea/img-1560-jpg1/ Swimming in the river. It is sooooo coold but so much fun!!! /album/sea/img-1576-jpg1/ A beautiful campsite in the Bohemian Forest. Dad got my wheelchair there. It was bumpy a lot, but I felt like a Native American in a teepee :)
/album/sea/img-1581-jpg1/ Unfortunately we couldn´t spend the night in one because an extra battery for my BiPAP would be needed... /album/sea/img-1589-jpg1/ Primarily we were there for the wedding of my dad´s cousin Stepana. It was wonderful! There was a stream with cold water and I love that!
/album/sea/img-1602-jpg1/ I love to cuddle with my brother, we call each other a wife and a husband ;) /album/sea/img-1614-jpg1/ My friend Marketa, with whom we write letters to each other, and I take a rest in a park. Leave us alone, dad, ok?!
/album/sea/img-1620-jpg1/ With another of my friends Denisa we were running away from dad and were rascals. /album/sea/img-2226-jpg1/ When I am standing, I am really tall!!! We are on our way to pick cherries.
/album/sea/img-1633-jpg1/ It is quite demanding to be in the stander every day, so it is good to take a nap time to time! /album/sea/img-1641-jpg1/ Finally I am testing the new TOSCA device in the hospital with my dad. They put us in the purple room! YEAH!!!
/album/sea/img-1642-jpg1/ TCM TOSCA can measure the level of CO2 in blood and just with a little thing tight to a foot. Isn´t a great! We got it for Motol University Hospital thanks to the fundraising project "Each basket helps"! /album/sea/img-1648-jpg1/ Finally on our way to the sea. A break in Slavonice!
/album/sea/img-1669-jpg1/ A beautiful place with great ice-cream at the main square. /album/sea/img-1673-jpg1/ Just take it easy ;)
/album/sea/img-1677-jpg1/ The houselord Petr. He prepared a wonderful feast for us and we were nicely refreshed before our long journey. /album/sea/img-1679-jpg1/ Lunch is a must and they had a lot of noodles here, so all is well!
/album/sea/img-1698-jpg1/ Traveling with auntie is fantastic! We talk over so much stuff, you´d be really surprised... /album/sea/img-2274-jpg1/ It was a drive as long as my aunt´s legs but we got here and right to such a beautiful hut :)
/album/sea/img-2282-jpg1/ Let´s go to the water. This is our second beach. We decided that every day we spend at a different place. /album/sea/img-2286-jpg1/ My swimming instructor Katka gave me homework, so I do them with my dad. He forgot a bit which made me quite angry! So I had to remind him ;)
/album/sea/img-2298-jpg1/ Borik is really a beginner. He is afraid of water. This is the farthest he goes. No kidding, it is the truth! /album/sea/img-2307-jpg1/ Three, two, one go! I look under the water where it is safe for dad to step. Of course, because of sea urchins. Obviously my dad is not wearing shoes because he is a tough man who likes to be injured ;)
/album/sea/img-1707-jpg1/ Before getting to the island Korcula by ferry we have to take another ferry to the peninsula Peljesac. My dad admires the incredible architercture and I have to pose! /album/sea/img-1719-jpg1/ Such fast machines, right? I am really excited that I will get one more speed for my birthday!
/album/sea/img-2332-jpg1/ Borivoj just adores motorbikes, even so much that mom is a bit nervous about that. /album/sea/img-1722-jpg1/ The ferry is coming and just a moment ago dad gave me my first ever sip of Coca Cola. That was something when mom found out :D
/album/sea/img-1728-jpg1/ The ferry is not really wheelchair friendly, next time we will park better hopefully... /album/sea/img-1778-jpg1/ It is nice inside. We cannot wait to get our ice-cream.
/album/sea/img-1791-jpg1/ It is really hot. It is nicely windy in the shade. /album/sea/img-1742-jpg1/ and we go, in an hour we get to the harbor.
/album/sea/img-2369-jpg1/ It is really important to exercise the tongue and that is also the only fun stretching. /album/sea/img-2383-jpg1/ At Korcula Island. A beautiful town, the narrow lanes have quite smooth surface and most importantly, it is quite cool which is exactly what mom needs.
/album/sea/img-2385-jpg1/ Whereas I fly from one shop-window to another. /album/sea/img-2388-jpg1/ Not really excited about the overheated square, so we pose for a picture!
/album/sea/img-2392-jpg1/ I am choosing sunglasses... I looked really good in those. What do you think? /album/sea/img-2433-jpg1/ Finally we arrived to Josef, my first summer love and his great sisters! It was a wonderful visit, thank you!
/album/sea/img-2459-jpg1/ It happens, that even aunties is not in the mood. But we got to a fantastic fish restaurant in Draca on Peljesac and her mood got much better ;) /album/sea/img-2469-jpg1/ This is it. Because of it we stopped. Fish soup, I just love it!!!
/album/sea/img-2496-jpg1/ We planned to get to Montenegro but we ended up elsewhere. Close to Dubrovnik at a rocky coast which is just perfect for wheelchairs :D /album/sea/img-2501-jpg1/ In my opinion one of the best beaches in Croatia. There are fish, octopuses, caves, big stones in the sea and many tiny snails on them.
/album/sea/img-2502-jpg1/ Do you see them?! We made a racing track for the snails with a starting line, then we bet with dad which of them will be the fastest. /album/sea/img-2543-jpg1/ The only entrance is not really ideal for wheelchairs. And this is a more accessible beach.
/album/sea/img-2547-jpg1/ At the beginning of the climb we are all smiling. At the end it is just me. The others are totally wet again :) /album/sea/img-1802-jpg1/ I feel really strong in Vavra´s sunglasses. We liked this place very much and stayed two nights.
/album/sea/img-2555-jpg1/ I became an entomologist. All bugs like me like this one.Very often they sit on me. /album/sea/img-1817-jpg3/ Borivoj would like to have a red moped. The yellow plastic one is not enough, mom!
/album/sea/img-1820-jpg1/ I´ve overdone it a bit in the water, so I have to get warm on the asphalt. Leave me a little longer here!

Spring and no cough hopefully

/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-0951-jpg1/ In Troja I climed to the tree with my dad and Marketa!!! Cool, right?! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-0971-jpg1/ Thank you C1 women for the beneficial sale of sweets and handmade crochet hats!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1493-jpg1/ At home we broke the bottle with a hammer. My dad is not really experienced in this. And we found 20 thousand crowns inside, thank you! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-9808-jpg1/ With Izabela and two Vaclavs :)
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-9943-jpg1/ We go swiming once a week with the instructor, Katka. So far we went only twice... because I am coughing again, but hopefully we will go next week! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1007-jpg1/ The gang of our street!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1035-jpg1/ When replacing the old chickenhouse with the old one, we found a hedgehog house. We moved the egg-eater far away;) /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1099-jpg1/ This is when I rise and shine!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1542-jpg1/ My great friend Eliska with her magic hair /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1556-jpg1/ If you knew where I am sitting and what I am doing...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1656-jpg1/ At grandpa´s barn there is a great surface for fast rides! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1670-jpg1/ My little brother brought me green pills...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1684-jpg1/ Speed is the second me! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1695-jpg1/ Cross-country is not a problem. A good thing that I have such a chair...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1715-jpg1/ which leaves pretty traces everywhere it goes. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1745-jpg1/ For about half a year we have a new car which remodelled for my needs. The seat in the front can be turned out...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1755-jpg1/ and there is a ramp in the back. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1766-jpg1/ There are movable seats and anchoring system. I can stay in my wheelchair if I want to!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1792-jpg1/ The car is being tested by the first long drive to Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1800-jpg1/ I sit in the back with Borik, my assistent and cough assist.
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1806-jpg1/ Well, Borik sits everywhere.... It is quite a long drive. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1817-jpg1/ That´s why we need to cough well. I have been coughing for two weeks. I hate it so much.
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1074-jpg1/ In Slovakia enjoying the mineral water spring. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1867-jpg1/ We came to support Vavra in his contest for the Olympics. Go! Go! And he is in the semifinal! We can head back to the guesthouse.
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1882-jpg1/ Where we eat porridge and some piggies daddy´s toes. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1885-jpg1/ The next day is even colder and we are even earlier at the course.
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1900-jpg1/ It started to rain again. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1909-jpg1/ My favorites are going through the course...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1954-jpg1/ I cheered for Vavra as much as possible! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1917-jpg1/ Vavra is in the finals but Vitek isn´t! So close....
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1952-jpg1/ It was a bit of bad luck, dad was sad. We are going to a caffee to lift our mood! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1966-jpg1/ I love this the most of everything and only my dad can do this!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1978-jpg1/ Up there that is where I will fly?! I have Vavra´s medals around my neck. Gold and silver! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-1989-jpg1/ Borik is starting to join us and sometimes he is really helping me a lot!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2002-jpg1/ Before we leave, a nice ride in the mud! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2009-jpg1/ Grandpa wanted to hike the Baranec mountain which my great grandpa measured, well, and I watch him from the dam Cierny Vah. It is a great place!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2020-jpg1/ It is wíndy but it is ok in the sun. The tires are almost clean, so we can go back to the car! /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2024-jpg/ A motorcyclist!
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2029-jpg1/ Well, I don´t enjoy family pictures that much... /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2036-jpg/ Our Slovak friends and guides here.
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2057-jpg1/ but I love riding in the mud puddles. /album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2063-jpg1/ Borik threw his stick boat to the dam but it got stuck. Fortunately our guide...
/album/spring-and-no-cough-hopefully/img-2064-jpg1/ the new European Champion saved the boat and let it float :)


/album/sledging/img-0147-jpg1/ My dad made a sledge from an old car-seat. We could go really fast :) /album/sledging/img-0157-jpg1/ We just stopped under a very long downhill. My mouth has just frozen ;)
/album/sledging/img-0168-jpg1/ We were starting at the highest railway station in the CR. There was a snow calamity and I got to sit in the heated handcar! /album/sledging/img-0169-jpg1/ Borik was afraid to get not only into the handcar, but also on the sledge!
/album/sledging/img-0213-jpg1/ Getting up after the nap in the mountains is really tough ;) /album/sledging/img-0253-jpg1/ On our way from the Kubova Huť we stopped at grandma´s cottage. It was really cold, so we were near the old stove all the time.
/album/sledging/img-0284-jpg1/ Travelling around the snowy Bohemian Forest is beautiful, especially when you see a lot of animals. /album/sledging/img-0324-jpg1/ Our next stop was the cottage of my second grandma in Jicin.
/album/sledging/img-0329-jpg1/ Thanks to you I have a new adjustable and suspension bike carrier with a wonderful fleece bag which I truly love! Thank you!!! /album/sledging/img-0339-jpg1/ With Elza the monkey we went to look at the rocks...
/album/sledging/img-0347-jpg1/ where Vavra was shooting a new movie. With the stick I trained my animals on the way. And here dad and I had a snowball fight with mom. /album/sledging/img-0359-jpg1/ We tried to climb a few steps, but it was really slippery...
/album/sledging/img-0372-jpg1/ In the spring we will go through in the Upsee, I am really looking forward to it! Who is coming with us?! /album/sledging/img-0379-jpg1/ That´s a snowman! We burnt the coal and the animals ate the carrot, oh no...
/album/sledging/img-0381-jpg1/ This is how I frightened Borik, he was really scared :D Uaaaa /album/sledging/img-0414-jpg1/ Borik managed to stay in hospital only thanks to the documentaries about where the eggs come from...
/album/sledging/img-0427-jpg1/ My little brother eats just only eggs. Do you have any idea how many eggs he can eat per day? /album/sledging/img-0489-jpg1/ I had to advice Borik how to lie in a bed in hospital :)
/album/sledging/img-1040-jpg1/ Booooring!!! There is still not enough snow... /album/sledging/img-0596-jpg1/ I had a great visit - Pepa the cat.
/album/sledging/img-9195-jpg1/ We bought a new bigger Upsee and the small one we gave ... /album/sledging/img-9196-jpg1/ to little Izabela who can sit and hold her head very well!!
/album/sledging/img-9200-jpg1/ You see how big I am? I grow really fast but I can still sit by myself for a bit!


/album/fundrising/img-1063-jpg1/ Peppa needs new straw. I would love her to sleep in bed with me, but mom wouldn´t like it... /album/fundrising/img-1071-jpg1/ Here you are a stack of straw.
/album/fundrising/img-1079-jpg1/ Peppa comes out of the straw and hay very warm. /album/fundrising/img-1100-jpg1/ I have to take a nap after lunch, so that I can rollick in the evening. We had a good time reading with Marketa.
/album/fundrising/a4q3a5712-jpg1/ Three choirs, Beatles (me), Chicks (a yellow skirt) and Primroses (aunt) /album/fundrising/a4q3a5722-1-jpg1/ I was singing with the choir and, although I did not practice much because of the cough, people heard me:)
/album/fundrising/a4q3a5734-jpg/ The benefit concert was in St. Salvator Church and Tonca was next to me, in case I wanted to drive away:D /album/fundrising/a4q3a5741-jpg1/ Look at the pretty skirts we have!
/album/fundrising/a4q3a5752-jpg/ The church was full and the Chicks were singing beautifully. /album/fundrising/a4q3a5765-jpg/ The stars of Primroses, where my aunt sings!
/album/fundrising/a4q3a5773-jpg/ Dad and I went upstairs to look at them. /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-1-of-59-jpg1/ Another benefit event was a cultural event in Vrane. It was just wonderful! Great people, great place, great atmosphere!
/album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-3-of-59-jpg1/ Children from the local school made an exhibition of which I was the topic. It made me a little nervous, but some of the pictures I have displayed at home. Thank you! /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-5-of-59-jpg1/ Unfortunately we came a bit late and there was not much room to move around with my wheelchair.
/album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-9-of-59-jpg1/ At least we saw part of the show. /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-29-of-59-jpg1/ Local guys are drinking the soda, so I had to try it too. It was really good!
/album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-32-of-59-jpg1/ I met Ruth who has the most rare disease. Later I visited her at home and we played at princesses. /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-34-of-59-jpg1/ The Superkaple band from the local school. Really good! And the guitar player looked like my favorite hero Pepa from the Three brothers film.
/album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-35-of-59-jpg1/ The Superkaple band from the local school was really good! And the guitar player looked like my favorite hero Pepa from the Three brothers film. /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-39-of-59-jpg1/ It was a wonderful night!
/album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-41-of-59-jpg1/ Where an incredible amount was raised for creating a special parking place for my new car with the ramp. /album/fundrising/sos-pro-bozu-44-of-59-jpg/ After we left, the amateur actors were watching ice-hockey :)

Christmas, New Years and trips..

/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0538-jpg1/ It´s great with my uncle! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0542-jpg1/ My brother Borivoj truly loves Peppa and she loves milk!
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0647-jpg1/ I can walk on all four! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0673-jpg1/ We had a Christmas performance at my preschool and it was great!
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0678-jpg1/ I had a lot of fun! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0687-jpg1/ I am a special little angel with wings on the belly :)
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0691-jpg1/ When I want to, I can sit by myself for a long time. It is a pity they did not put something under my knees. It is quite difficult for the hips this way... /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0735-jpg1/ Christmas bike ride.
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0773-jpg1/ We were at grandpa and grandma at Christmas Eve and the Little Jesus brought me more things then I wrote him for. /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0824-jpg1/ We got the same earrings with mom!:) I am not either Pepa or Matej boys anymore, I am rather starting to be a princess!
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0856-jpg1/ A visit of the Brevnov monastery. /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0864-jpg1/ I don´t like cobblestones! It is difficult to find a good trip for a wheelchair ride! Do you have any tips?
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0881-jpg1/ Is she explaining something again or was it a kiss? /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0894-jpg1/ We went to the Prokop Valley by train with the wheelchair for the first time...
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0900-jpg1/ I almost short-circuited the wheelchair when driving near the water... /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0921-jpg1/ I pulled the stones for throwing into the water in T148 from the near-by quarry ;)
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0928-jpg1/ Borivoj loves the elephants and I do, too. This is an elephant that can move its ears! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0945-jpg1/ On the way home, I met boys to whom I gave a ride around the train station for free...
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0949-jpg1/ I am looking for the train. Careful, this stop is in a turn, so the wheelchair can easily get into the gap between the platform and the train. /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0954-jpg1/ The next day, we went to Petrin tower. The maze in the park is with perfect asphalt!
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0957-jpg1/ Surprised, where I am? In the "twenty"! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0964-jpg1/ Not really in the mood for a picture, right, brother?! Let´s gooooo.
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0967-jpg1/ The best is to touch everything! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0973-jpg1/ Time to time some hand gets stuck somewhere...
/album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-0986-jpg1/ but I have them complete still, look! /album/christmas-new-years-and-trips/img-1038-jpg1/ This is how I shovel snow!

The elevator

/album/the-elevator/img-0165-jpg1/ This is my new elevator, it has three stops! /album/the-elevator/img-9984-jpg1/ I drive in and press "3".
/album/the-elevator/img-9999-jpg1/ And then I am going back home from grandma. /album/the-elevator/img-0430-jpg1/ Because I have the elevator, I can drive to Motol hospital, for instance.
/album/the-elevator/img-0441-jpg1/ Today we are here because of Long-ears. Do you see him lying on the table? It is a heart attack... /album/the-elevator/img-0465-jpg1/ He is ok, now, so we are going to the playground...
/album/the-elevator/img-0474-jpg1/ They have a new playground, so I am running away from mom and dad! /album/the-elevator/img-9655-jpg1/ I received a wonderful gift from Pavla! Thank you!
/album/the-elevator/img-9708-jpg1/ We like very much going to see the bears in the town of Beroun, we also have to check the sandpit. /album/the-elevator/img-9716-jpg/ Look, grandma, I sit by myself!
/album/the-elevator/img-9726-jpg/ This our Peppa pig! /album/the-elevator/img-9747-jpg/ E.T. where are you, friend?
/album/the-elevator/img-9753-jpg/ Don´t worry , guys, this is still not the maximum. /album/the-elevator/img-9877-jpg/ Hi, come here.
/album/the-elevator/img-9882-jpg/ We visited a friend and she gave me a ride on her horse. /album/the-elevator/img-0057-jpg1/ With my friend, Iveta, we go to hippotherapy.
/album/the-elevator/img-0059-jpg1/ Dad like billy-goat (beer). And I do horses :) /album/the-elevator/img-0096-jpg1/ Visiting my aunt Tonca.
/album/the-elevator/img-0145-jpg1/ I will eat yoooooooooooooou!!! We do Movember with dad. /album/the-elevator/img-0170-jpg1/ When they set it up right, I can drink by myself ;)
/album/the-elevator/img-0193-jpg1/ The boys are rascals, but they make a good tea. /album/the-elevator/img-0221-jpg1/ Cousin Vojta has first birthday and I am helping him to blow out the candle.
/album/the-elevator/img-0361-jpg1/ After the celebration we watched a movie with my cousins and had "popcornt" :) /album/the-elevator/img-0318-jpg1/ The wheelchair´s width is 58 and the door is 60 - I do it myself. Why (in the insurance company´s opinion) only children above 10 years can have it, I don´t get it?
/album/the-elevator/img-0413-jpg1/ My assistance pig whispers about new rascality! /album/the-elevator/img-0417-jpg/ This will be our secret;)
/album/the-elevator/img-0423-jpg1/ Her snout is really soft! /album/the-elevator/img-0500-jpg1/ I have a great little brother, a memory pillow and mattress.
/album/the-elevator/img-9918-jpg1/ I cook every day. I am just preparing a real specialty! /album/the-elevator/img-9934-jpg1/ I am quite a strict chef!


/album/swimming/img-7416-jpg/ In a lift :) /album/swimming/img-7947-jpg1/ We arrived at the Great Salt Lake and it is hot!
/album/swimming/img-7962-jpg1/ I am teaching Borivoj how to walk down the stairs... /album/swimming/img-7963-jpg1/ We are on our way to the far-away lake,
/album/swimming/img-7966-jpg1/ it is above 40°C, so fast! /album/swimming/img-7988-jpg1/ After the adventurous experience I see the first buffalos!
/album/swimming/img-8000-jpg1/ I give a bit of straw to the horses... /album/swimming/img-8012-jpg1/ Our first hot springs! I love changing cold and hot water...
/album/swimming/img-8031-jpg1/ We are picking the best pebbles and checking the surroundings! /album/swimming/img-8035-jpg1/ We got a tip for great wild berries. We cut them for the road!
/album/swimming/img-8041-jpg1/ We had red light... somewhere in Idaho /album/swimming/img-8054-jpg1/ The dusty road to the mining ghost town Bayhorse.
/album/swimming/img-8063-jpg1/ No rooms available here... /album/swimming/img-8081-jpg1/ The mill does not work anymore, but it is still beautiful...
/album/swimming/img-8096-jpg1/ We continued further uphill and got to a mountain lake, which was obviously full of fish... /album/swimming/img-8129-jpg1/ We found a place, where we can get into the water
/album/swimming/img-8155-jpg1/ and we enjoyed it! /album/swimming/img-8160-jpg1/ I did not want to get out of the water, so I went with mom, too!
/album/swimming/img-8168-jpg1/ It was too cold for Borivoj, so he had fun around. /album/swimming/img-8185-jpg1/ On our way back, we stopped to have a look at the mine lift.
/album/swimming/img-8196-jpg1/ We are experienced paddlers, so we got on the river Salmon, which is running under our windows. /album/swimming/img-8201-jpg1/ Getting off is a bit difficult at first.
/album/swimming/img-8222-jpg1/ I loved it totally! In the end I also swam in the life jacket in the current. /album/swimming/img-8229-jpg1/ Mom is having difficulties with the tube, but in the end she worked it out.
/album/swimming/img-8242-jpg1/ In the town Stanley, which is really small, they have a delicious ice-cream! /album/swimming/img-8246-jpg1/ Aunt ate so much, that she got cold!
/album/swimming/img-8257-jpg1/ This is the inflow of hot spring to the river. The hot water runs through the pipes to the pools. /album/swimming/img-8264-jpg1/ Sunbeam hot springs. Pebble pools are full of warm water.
/album/swimming/img-8268-jpg1/ Borivoj just loves warm water! /album/swimming/img-8277-jpg1/ We are hiding under a stone and pulling hot stones out of the water.
/album/swimming/img-8307-jpg1/ The French hot springs near to Sun Valley... /album/swimming/img-8315-jpg1/ It is wonderful for stretching legs. Those are the warmest we have been to so far...
/album/swimming/img-8324-jpg1/ Always fun with aunt /album/swimming/img-8334-jpg1/ We had a great time in the Redfish Lake visitors' center.
/album/swimming/img-8345-jpg1/ But it was even better at the beach. /album/swimming/img-8350-jpg1/ The water was refreshing.
/album/swimming/img-8356-jpg1/ We played our favorite game with pebbles. /album/swimming/img-8357-jpg1/ I pick the best one, I can lift and then let it splash!
/album/swimming/img-8365-jpg1/ In the end we checked that there is no dog drowning. /album/swimming/img-8377-jpg1/ At the cabin I counted how much money we have got left.
/album/swimming/img-8410-jpg1/ On our way to Montana we stopped at a playground, /album/swimming/img-8414-jpg1/ where cut tires were on the ground, so we were completely black...
/album/swimming/img-8444-jpg1/ The next stop on our 6-hour drive was somewhere in the fields, /album/swimming/img-8449-jpg1/ where I needed to use the potty.
/album/swimming/img-8473-jpg1/ Here we are already in Bozeman at a playground. /album/swimming/img-8482-jpg1/ We were in a bookstore. And then dad bought kari and I had to try :)
/album/swimming/img-8519-jpg1/ So this is where we were staying in Montana. On the trampoline! /album/swimming/img-8522-jpg1/ Tongues out!
/album/swimming/img-8540-jpg1/ With the family that took us in. /album/swimming/img-8543-jpg1/ Dad, who carries us...
/album/swimming/img-8604-jpg1/ On a walk to a waterfall. /album/swimming/img-8612-jpg1/ Borik and dad had to go nearer...
/album/swimming/img-8615-jpg1/ mom and I just watched from a distance. /album/swimming/img-8636-jpg1/ Yellowstone!!!
/album/swimming/img-8642-jpg1/ Mom, and why are the trees dead? /album/swimming/img-8644-jpg1/ I can smell something around all the time, sulphur or what they say...
/album/swimming/img-8663-jpg1/ Dad and mom find it great, but I am more looking forward to seeing the animals... /album/swimming/img-8665-jpg1/ I can smell that thing everywhere!
/album/swimming/img-8677-jpg1/ It is just an awful smell! /album/swimming/img-8686-jpg1/ We are throwing "ships" to the waterfall.
/album/swimming/img-8727-jpg1/ Finally the evening and we are at the place, where the animals might be! /album/swimming/img-8728-jpg1/ Pronghorns just from the distance for now. Later we saw them really close!
/album/swimming/img-8734-jpg1/ So this buffalo male looked into my window just from a meter away! /album/swimming/img-8740-jpg1/ I was counting his antlers.
/album/swimming/img-8780-jpg1/ On our way home after 9pm suddenly a herd of buffaloes blocked the road. /album/swimming/img-8794-jpg1/ The calves play! :)
/album/swimming/img-8796-jpg1/ Firstly they cross the road to the one side and then ... /album/swimming/img-8813-jpg1/ two buffaloes decide that it is time to go back, stop the traffic
/album/swimming/img-8818-jpg1/ and wait for the whole herd to cross back! /album/swimming/img-8831-jpg1/ The last mohican with a hurt leg we saw on a bridge. Good night, Yellowstone!


/album/usa-ii2/img-7142-jpg2/ I am miss Chiquita! /album/usa-ii2/img-7152-jpg2/ We are on the way to a concert in Glenwood Springs and Bořek is running away all the time!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7238-jpg2/ Here we are listening to the concert, next to us is our dear host Bob:) /album/usa-ii2/img-7242-jpg2/ We were dancing a lot and stayed till the very end!
/album/usa-ii2/img-0999-jpg2/ Bob took us to a local preschool, where I told the children where I am from. /album/usa-ii2/img-0993-jpg2/ The greatest thing in the preschool is the water table!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7272-jpg2/ Painting on the tree is also great! I did by myself! /album/usa-ii2/img-7282-jpg2/ We explored the preschool castle and checked the little houses...
/album/usa-ii2/img-7316-jpg2/ Come on, dad, let's go!!! /album/usa-ii2/img-7324-jpg2/ Dad is quite nervous, whether I fall down or not, it is just a matter of time ;)
/album/usa-ii2/img-7336-jpg2/ We sat for a bit in a beautiful little garden... /album/usa-ii2/img-7340-jpg2/ The bump on my forehead is almost healed!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7485-jpg2/ Mom does acupuncture every other day with me. /album/usa-ii2/img-7500-jpg2/ We are leaving Colorado, going to Utah.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7507-jpg2/ Where are the bees? /album/usa-ii2/img-7514-jpg2/ We are having a typical American lunch...
/album/usa-ii2/img-7537-jpg2/ We found this from the highway and swimming was forbidden ;) /album/usa-ii2/img-7554-jpg2/ We had to overcome these hills to get to the desert.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7563-jpg2/ We are going and there is no one to be seen. Do we have enough gas and water? /album/usa-ii2/img-7622-jpg2/ Borivoj was unstoppable at the end of the day, so at least he holds onto the window :)
/album/usa-ii2/img-7663-jpg2/ First one of the very interesting rocks in Utah, we had to stop. /album/usa-ii2/img-7670-jpg2/ They call it the Native American Newspaper. No one has deciphered it so far.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7685-jpg2/ Dad, I think I know what that is! /album/usa-ii2/img-7701-jpg2/ It is green around the river.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7725-jpg2/ Cowboys used to live here... and get here with the stroller in 40°C was hard work. /album/usa-ii2/img-7727-jpg2/ This is the oasis in the desert. Water springs from the rock.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7733-jpg2/ The Native Americans draw something here, but mosquitoes are biting us awfully! Dad, let's go! /album/usa-ii2/img-7743-jpg2/ Dad would like to see everything, he was totally excited. We were hot. You can see the Needles in the back.
/album/usa-ii2/img-7758-jpg2/ There are thousands of such rock formations. /album/usa-ii2/img-7804-jpg2/ A great cheap motel, where we stayed and swam for two days ;)
/album/usa-ii2/img-7816-jpg2/ There was a black widow in the corner of the swimming pool. /album/usa-ii2/img-7833-jpg2/ You should not touch anything in the National Park Canyonlands, dad!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7865-jpg2/ Aaaahhh, let's go to the viewpoint, my little brother! /album/usa-ii2/img-7872-jpg2/ We were all here and it was hot!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7874-jpg2/ Dad, are we going to climb down? /album/usa-ii2/img-7886-jpg2/ The red rocks are charming!
/album/usa-ii2/img-7905-jpg2/ The Delicate Arch /album/usa-ii2/img-7919-jpg2/ Aunt makes fun in the back! Right now she has 14 crackers in her mouth :D
/album/usa-ii2/img-7929-jpg2/ Yeah, the new potty is wonderful. I really pee! /album/usa-ii2/web-7898-panorama-jpg1/ It was gorgeous here, now somewhere else, where it is not so hot...

Spring trips and the dog

/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/image-jpg/ We are crazy girls from Zbuzany with my aunt and her friend :) /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1589-jpg1/ I got a new car seat from foundation Život dětem...
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1354-jpg/ I fit in perfectly and it has a superb sound system in it :) /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1327-jpg1/ We are going for fresh squeezed juice!
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1516-jpg/ We are really enjoying this B-cake week. First B-day has my uncle Vavra, next day my brother and next day my Mum! And of course I can eat the cake alone! ;) /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1551-jpg/ We are really enjoying this B-cake week. First B-day has my uncle Vavra next day my brother and next day my Mum! And of course I can eat the cake alone! ;)
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1369-jpg/ We went for walk and dad bought a beer and a sausauge for himself and for us sweet swab which mum had to eat because I didn´t like it... /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1377-jpg/ We were waiting for our train...
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1385-jpg/ And took my favorite one! It is named City Elephant and I love to sit independently in it... /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1405-jpg/ We were on trip with my friend Jóža Hradilková :)
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1415-jpg/ This is a railway terminal where the trail begins /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1572-jpg/ This is another cake and I am eating it with my favorite great-grandma!
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1593-jpg/ This is from our first experience with spa Marianské Lázně and it was great! /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1595-jpg/ Bořivoj, I can also ride on dad, look!
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1605-jpg/ Imagine how superb this city is, there is mineral water for free from a tap everywhere! And my dad and I like it but mum just say bllllléééé :) /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1613-jpg/ That is just clasic chill out in spa :)
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/web-1629-jpg/ Easter is coming and I am preparing first pomlázka (traditional willow stick)for my brother ;) /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/mg-4337-edit-jpg/ So this is assistance dog Jeff...
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/mg-4345-jpg/ He was at our home with his master to take some photos of the two of us... /album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/mg-4419-jpg/ I would like also a dog like this!
/album/spring-trips-and-the-dog/mg-4469-jpg/ because you relax together!