Fundraising events

04/03/2016 00:08

 In the weeks after Christmas, several fundraisers were held, during which people set out to help me. First I had a charity concert at St. Salvator’s Church with the help of choirs from SZUŠ-škola pro radost. I had a cough even on the night before the concert, but like a miracle, I woke up the next morning completely clear of coughs. The concert was truly beautiful! Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the organization and to everyone who came. I was able to move around the church in the wheelchair, sing with Brouček (the name of our choir) and discuss SMA with people. This is according to my dad. I just rode around him here and there in my wheelchair.


There were two other amazing events that took place two weeks ago. Both were held at Sokol (historical Czech youth sport movement and organization) and on Valentine’s Day. One was in Prague, at U12 Sokol International Basketball Tournament, Sokolí LET 2016. The second event was in Vraném nad Vltavou. Both events were magnificently organized. Due to some difficulties I faced this month I thought I wouldn’t even make it to one event. But after all, in the end I went to see SUPERKAPLE in concert. It was divine. Thank you so much to all who support us. You are our support!

New photos are here