I had a cough but thanks to the CoughAssist I got over it...

25/05/2015 22:00


Quite a lot has happened in the past weeks, mainly I had a cough for almost three weeks, so it was a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, we went to see my uncle, Vavra, and my dad race, and it was really fun! You can check out the photos here and the picture of my dad here.

Our friend, Kuba Proks, made stickers for me, and with my dad he put them on our car. Be ready to see pictures of my grandma´s car with these stickers!

There is a new beer from the U Švelchů brewery. It is sold with a special lable with a picture of Vavra but also a link to my website. The money from the sale of these labels will go to my bank account! Have a look at who brewed the beer.

We have a few regular visitors which is a great help. They come to play with me, and I am so excited that I learned the days of the week.:)

At the weekend we tried the new bicycle trailer. It was just wonderful! I did not stop talking for a minute so that daddy would keep the fast pace. You will see it in the next photo gallery. It is so much fun because I am faster than Borivoj who rides with mom. I have a yellow flag, so the cars can see us, you know?!

Thanks to Erna Smeets, we have the plane tickets to Kansas City where the annual SMA conference takes place in June that I will be attending with Borik, mom, dad, and aunt. We are hoping to learn new things, which will help us to fight the disease. Mom and dad have to arrange a few more things, but I cannot wait to be on the plane!