Latest news summary

16/11/2014 00:09

ZTP/P card: Last week we got the ZTP/P (severe health disability / needing special assistence) card, which is also connected to the Handicapped parking card and which is very helpful to us in connection with our regular trips to doctors. Now we can worry less about parking, which can sometimes be quite time as well as money consuming.

Wheelchair payment: The company Mebatex has decided that it will pay fully for the power wheelchair!!! We are extremely happy and grateful. We cannot wait to have the wheelchair! Thank you very much!

Testing of the new wheelchair: On Thursday we had a meeting with the dealer from Ortoservis and the orthotist from Ortotika to make the final adjustments of the power wheelchair. The special fixation orthosis was cut and the placement of the controlling unit - minijoystick was located. The wheelchair is beautifully yellow which together with the powerful lights Bozha quite liked! The wheelchair should be ready in two weeks!!!

Contributions from:

  • Lukasshoes collect from each pair sold some money and we want to express our gratitude for that! Thanks a lot Evicka and Lukas!
  • Bara Merenusova organised a beneficial exercising with babies class for fathers! Thank dads for their gifts and Bara for organising it, we are very grateful to you!