06/03/2016 00:10


My animals are already mastering all the drills that I’m slowing teaching them. They are starting to be ready for races and parades. When you meet us, don’t get scared, we all go for walks together: dog Scarlet, girl dog Bublina, and their puppies, Felix and Martha. They all jump around quite a bit, so be careful in order to avoid being run over or licked! Other than that, our horse, Bela, also takes walks with us. Everyone usually sleeps in the bathroom, and I give them drills in my wheelchair around the whole house. Yeah, and now I call her Stefanie!

Aside from that, the last two months have been quite challenging. We all tried really hard to not get anyone sick, so we kept to ourselves as a family nonstop. No school, no trips to visit friends, but just Bořík, mom, me, and dad. Of course I had my animals with me, so that really helped.

We were also in the mountains, and we went sledding! It was absolutely the best. Because it was below zero, my lips were frozen going down the hill and I couldn’t speak for a moment, that was quite fun.

Dad and I spent a lot of time together, because Bořík with mom were in Motol hospital for quite a long time. It had several advantages. I went to bed late, and I also got up late. In the evening we ate a lot of popcorn, and at the hospital we became a regular fixture in the cafeteria. I go everywhere in my wheelchair now, and Motol hospital is terrific for that. Big elevators and atrium, where I can go from pharmacy to grocery store and then to the metro station on my own, simply awesome! It’s just that I don’t know how to board the underground train when there is a big gap between the station platform and the train door, did you notice it?


Here are some photos.