New horizons...

03/04/2015 18:25


We have several great news!

  • We received a wonderful car-seat through Zivot detem foundation incrediably quickly, who will also help me pay for a medical stroller and a toilet chair. Unfortunately, we have to wait incomparably longer for these two things due to the review process from the insurance company... With the new car-seat, I sit in the front and begin to decide how fast we make each turn! I have my own loudspeakers in the car-seat, so I can listen to my favorite songs! It is just great...
  • Another gift I got is a special bathing support and a special bicycle trailer! Currently we are borrowing these items from Smecno organization. We are already using the bathing support. It is really much more comfortable than without it, although I did not trust it at first! Please look forward to learning more about our bicycle trailer in the pictures. I am going to be riding extremely fast with my daddy, and mom with Borik just won´t be able to catch us:)
  • This month, as I call it January, has been really busy. Every week we go to a small swimming pool in Beroun. It is really fun, because Borik dives quite a lot and I can hide under the little houses I make out of the pool toys. We also go outside much more, which is just great! We have so many visitors that I cannot even count them. Just last weekend, there were so many guests that I could not even remember them all. I love having guests! A huge thanks to all those who come to visit me!
  • Last week we were in Rytmus to discuss some assistance for me in the preschool, Jeden strom (One tree), and on Wednesday, imagine, it was my first day with the assistant Jana in the preschool :) !!! Mom was keeping her eye on me a bit, probably to see if I was behaving or something. I made a little chick hatching from an egg there. Dad just couldn´t believe it.
  • This week Klara from Pestra spolecnost came to take some pictures of me with an assistance dog especially because of my pretty eyes... So I was a model, you see!?:)
  • Yesterday I went to the hospital to see our pneumologist, and by chance, they were filming some TV documentary show, which I will probably be a part of. It is called Klic (Key) and they will also film tomorrow at my home and at Jeden strom. So be ready for a new video coming soon :)
  • On Friday we are expecting a surprise, and then Saturday we are going to Ceska Lipa to meet some friends. There will be a workshop which is organized beneficially for me. Be on the watch-out!

!!!New photos are here!!!