Thank you our friends!!!

26/04/2015 23:01

Three amazing fundraising events were held in April. One of them was a Krav Maga workshop in Ceska Lipa organized by the instructor, Nikola Slovak. We went there to meet with the seminar attendees, and  Borivoj closely observed each one. They generously donated us 500 dollars, and we are very grateful to each and every one for their contribution. A huge surprise was made by dad’s students. They organized a collection for me and gathered an incredible amount of 1,230 dollars along with soooo many presents. You have never seen so many Peppa Pigs!!! We greatly appreciate it, also taking into account that it comes from the students. The third big financial help we received was from our friends, Honza and Eva Svejda, who raised 1,260 dollars among their friends. It is really unbelievable! We are immensely thankful to them. You can check the photos from the events as well as the video that was on Czech TV news. It is about me, the students’ fundraising, and the hope we have in the clinical trials. New photos are here