Three new aids and a TV star :)

25/05/2015 21:58

I have all three assistive devices at home thanks to Zivot detem foundation.

My dad improved the car-seat that I have already had for some time by adding a nice headband. It prevents my head from falling forward when my mom steps on the brake too fast. Have a look here.

Then we got the toilet chair which is a lot of fun. I go to the toilet and make the funny splashing sounds like adults do:) I am also looking forward to the new bathroom where I will shower. You can see me in it here.

And lastly, we got a beautiful violet-black stroller. My mom and I really like the violet, but dad not so much, so I have to convince him that it is black as well each time we go out. So I hope he likes it. The stroller has a lap tray and we will take it to the States. I am so excited to fly again:)

Can you imagine that I was on TV?! We were watching a program about rare diseases and the effort to try to establish centers for treatment around the Czech Republic and all of the sudden, my doctor, my mom, my dad, and I appeared on TV!

Here is the link for the TV program, Klic (Key). It is in Czech, but you can watch me starting at 16:27 into the program.