16/08/2016 23:22

I want to say a big thank you to all the people who helped me. Mom and dad won’t get around to it, so I will do it myself! The people who helped me the most in the last month were those organizing the gala benefit evening of sport in Caslav for me, and the members of the Czech women’s national canoe team who baked hats and knitted cream rolls! I have yet to spend the money that was collected, but dad will go to the SMA conference in California with Izabelka’s dad, Dan, and hopefully they’ll bring me back something new!

I have a beautiful green car that has been rebuilt exactly for my needs. The car is really mine too. It’s written on some paper where Bořík might have already drawn on. He draws everywhere. At home, he is allowed to draw on all the walls. Anyways, it’s real, I am really three years old, and I have my first van! There is a ramp inside the van that I can use to go inside, and my wheelchair can be secured in place. The inside is also a bit altered, and it’s so that we can sit in a circle in the back, and mom and dad can help me cough whenever I need to. When I am traveling alone, I can use the front passenger seat, which can be turned outwards so that I can get in and out easily. We’ve already driven around Prague in the van, but that’s not everything. Recently we went on a long journey to Liptovsky Mikulas, and it was incredibly comfortable. In addition, my friend, Kuba Proks, put pretty frog stickers on the van, so we are pretty visible everywhere. We were rooting for Vavra in Mikulas, but it wasn’t enough, which is a shame, but ice cream on the town square was good, and Bořivoj praised how good the mineral water from the tap was.

Newly I have been trying to go swimming with a fellow SMA friend, Izabelka. Our super instructor, Katka, is teaching me how to breathe underwater. Unfortunately, I have been sick forever, so I’ve only gone twice in the last two months. Hopefully, I will get well soon because I need to try my new swimming goggles! Pink or purple, that is the question… Other than that, I have new earrings, and they are really nice.

I started watching Winx, and it's really cool! It drives my mom crazy! Dad gave up and watches it with me! So for those who watch it, I am Bloom! Well sometimes I am Pixies, and it really annoys mom and dad, because Pixies speak using only interjections, and I can easily communicate like that for half an hour. Kikí, ká, mimí, ko, pí, kí, ééé J!!! Just being mischievous sometimes. 

I don’t go anywhere without my wheelchair now. I have a new seat again! Again, this one is a bit improved than the last one. Dad is always fixing something, and it’s driving me crazy. But it’s true, it’s always a hair better! I still want it to be faster and have some cushioning for off road adventures. Firstly I want to catch up with the boys on the street, and secondly, the gentleman from the service center wonders how all the screws in my wheelchair are loose.

He should ride around the garden, and then he would see how tenderized it would be! Like schnitzel from great grandma, which I love the most! Yeah, and believe it or not, I also broke the HeadPod already. I love riding the wheelchair with my head leaning forward, and my head is heavy because I have a lot of worries in it! It’s a big strain on the headband made out of rubber with holes. At the moment, I am waiting for a new part, but we also ordered the whole replacement HeadPod immediately.

Sometimes I am quite scared that someone will forget about me and leave me somewhere. It makes me pretty upset, so whenever mom or dad goes around the corner, they have to sing so that I know where they are. I could use something like a walkie-talkie.

Finally, a few tips on trips for wheelchair users. If you are not scared, you can go inside the fountain in Liptovský Mikuláš, it is slippery, it sprinkles and it is not for everybody ;). Another beautiful trip is a drive to pumped storage hydro plant Čierný Váh! That place is perfect for fast driving!

New photos are here.