Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

20/07/2015 16:55

Healing hot springs

In Salt Lake City we started our tour of healing bathing! First we tried the Great Salt Lake. That was an incredible experience, especially because of the huge amount of little flies that were on the beach. In order to get to the lake, dad had to carry me a long way in the heat and he snorted all the way. We got through the clouds of flies and we sat down into the lake. But oh no, the water was so salty, that it started to burn me. Borik started to cry, too, and so we had to get out of the water quickly. On the bank we did not find our things! There were just black piles. When we approached them, suddenly the flies started to rise and we found our lost clothes. Dad said later that this is how he imagines hell. I have seen it in the children movies few times and I think that he is fabricating!

The next swimming place we found was in Idaho. We were proud of ourselves because we found hot springs that only the locals – the descendants of the Native Americans - know of. In the season, many other people stop there as well, because they pass by when floating down the river on tubes. One of the local people brought a twig with some wild orange berries. It is was really tasty. Changing cold and warm water improves my circulation and dad swims with me, so I get to exercise. Stretching in hot water is also less painful, so there are many advantages to it.

Idaho is beautiful with a lot of mountains. We spent a few days at a very nice house not far from the ghosttown Bayhorse right on the bank of the Salmon river and listened to the water running, to the duck cackle and to the wind blowing. We floated a bit of the river on the boat, the very nice houselady lent us. Borivoj was terribly afraid, but I am not Dreadnought, so it was great fun. I love the cold water, so in the life jacket, I borrowed, I tried swimming in the current. The next swimming we did was in the mountain lake, which was accessible only by a 4x4 car. But we managed somehow, mainly because we did not know that we might have not make it. It was truly gorgeous. We had lunch there, swam and worried a bit that a bear might visit us.

On the way to the cabin in Sun Valley, where we could stay thanks to Vavra´s friends, we stopped at another hot springs. Again it was a couple of little basins from the pebbles in cold water, to which the hot springs were coming. This is a perfect swimming for Borivoj, who does not like water much. We got so hot that our next stop was for ice-cream. Then it got hot again, so we went to another mountain lake. It is called the Redfish lake and we ended at a dogs´ beach there. The swimming was refreshing, we might have offended a few people because Borivoj and I swam naked. Luckily, the dogs did, too...

They welcomed us nicely in the Sun Valley and the next day we went to search some hot springs. This time it took us the longest, but the reward was great. Nice pebble pools, mountains creek and the warmest water so far were blissful and my legs got nicely stretched. We relaxed and we were not really into another long drive to Montana.

Arriving to Bozeman was like coming home. We spent a week there and we enjoyed the hospitality of mom´s host family and the walks around. We saw a waterfall. We were in the Yellowstone to see the buffaloes. I was just in the front seat with my dad and had my hand out of the window, when one big buffalo male came in front of our car and looked at us with his bit eyes! Mom just said:“I am afraid, what should I do, we have a red car?!“ I was not afraid, because I am the Dreadnought, but I put quickly my hand back into the car just for sure. The buffalo just rubbed his back by a sighpost and satisfied left for a fresh grass. We also had an appointment with a nutrition specialist and bought some things, which are hard to get at home.

The locals told us that around Bozeman the hot springs are too hot, so we went to a swimming pool. We saw also geysers at the Yellowstone. And then we drove back to Salt Lake City and to the airport, where we got on the plane that flew to Zbuzany.

You can see the pictures HERE.