We have Upsee and a new Cough Assist

13/11/2014 00:28

Last month we received Upsee. Marketa Hanzlickova and her friend Alice visited us as representatives of donors who donated to Bozhenka for Upsee! Bozhenka got a teddy hippo, lots of candies and the great Upsee. It says in the instructions that it should be used at first near a table and only for a few minutes. Bozha was so excited that we walked down the stairs to see the chicks, to collect some flowers, nuts and apples and to visit our neighbors! It is simply WONDERFUL.

The company Linde handed us over a new Cough Assist together with a physiotherapist, Katerina Neumannova, who taught us how to use it. Great thanks for mediation belongs to our friend, Michal Novacek.

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