19/12/2014 23:38

A few days ago we put together the power wheelchair Koala for Bozhenka! We would like to thank very much the company Mebatex which bought the power wheelchair for Bozhenka.

When Bozhenka saw the wheelchair for the first time, categorically she said she will not sit into it... So Borivoj had to sit there, whereas he started to move uncontrollably around the living room. He pushed the table aside, knocked down the chairs and had great fun. Then it was George Pig´s, the teddy bear, time and only after that Bozhenka agreed to give it a try... Bozhenka is totally happy in it! She drives in circles, reverses, knocks down furniture. The wheelchair is incredibly strong which makes her very excited. She can control it excellently, it will just take some time to get used to it. You can find documentation in the photo gallery.

After wheelchair driving we headed to the Prague ZOO. The weather was beautiful and Bozhenka had a great time. On the way home we went to a beneficial advent concert in the St. Matthew Church, organised by our friend for Bozhenka. We were there only a little while. The church was full of people and Bozhenka is getting quite heavy to be carried. She loved the concert and she wanted to be hold higher and higher in order to see above the heads the choir.