Winter news

05/03/2015 00:07

Great-grandmom´s funeral, a nice present and preschool

At the end of February Bozhenka´s great-grandmom died and there was a big funeral, she has 8 children, 27 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren. Check in the photogallery. There was a gathering in our garden afterwards and Bozha was walking in Upsee a lot with the other children. The weather was beautiful and it was great fun.

The university department where my dad works was celebrating birthday of its head who is so nice that he asked that instead of receiving presents he would like it more if people made donations to Bozha. It was amazing! We are very thankful to him and not the least to everyone contributing!!!

A great news is my visit to the preschool Jeden strom (One tree) I will start attending, hopefully soon:) It is just wonderful there – many children, playing and talking all the time. So much fun! You can have a look at a few pictures. The director of the preschool is my dad´s former primary school teacher. Unfortunately, our first visit was only short because we had to go for the accupuncture appointment but the money donated by my dad´s colleagues will pay for half a year, 2 half-days a week of assistance in the preschool. Yipee!!!


Our medical insurer definitely decided not to cover, not even partially, for our cough assist, explaining that it does not cure Bozhenka. Completely refusing to consider that this great medical equipment helped Bozhenka to overcome pneumonia and on the prevention basis lowers the expenses of all potential hospitalizations. Plus every day it activates Bozha´s lungs to its full capacity!

We were able to pay for it only thanks to the people around us who support us. The missing part of the amount was paid by the Galuska family. We appreciate it highly and are greatly grateful! Fortunately, in a big part thanks to the cough assist we successfully managed to get over a few colds and coughs at home.

Bozhenka is making great progress riding the wheelchair – she is a really bright student:) When she wants and concentrates, she is able to go in the direction she wants after just a few weeks (because there had to be some adjustments done to the wheelchair, so it was at the distributor for some time), although she also enjoys the strong power of it in moving  furniture...

Now we are undergoing a long process of ordering a new car with access adaptations for the wheelchair.

Upsee has become an everyday necessity, she loves it and can walk in it for hours. The usual scenario is for us taking turns because we are exhausted after while and Bozha is tireless. It is also a great aid in stretching her legs, after walking for some time, her legs are very well stretched.

We tried out and chose a new medical stroller Kimba from Otto Bock and a toilet/bathing chair Flamingo from R82. Both are now being in process of assessment by the medical insurer.

Any day now we should get a new car seat for Bozhenka, an especially adjusted Recaro car seat by ProtecMetal.

After consultations we decided against moving to the groundfloor. We will stay in the first floor and build a wheelchair lift for which we are hoping to get a state subsidy for which we unfortunately qualify only when Bozhenka turns three.


There are not too many news  with us lately because the Czech winter has been quite mild which is ideal for the viruses and therefore, we are careful and stay most of the time at our home, enjoy our guests, work on improving our house and try to apply or arrange for various mobility aids which is quite a demanding process...

At the end of January we went to our friends in the Austrian Alps. We had a wonderful two days, walking around the farm and the adjoining hills, one morning of skiing and then quite a stressing day and night of Bozhenka coughing, having a fever and low saturation. So after three days out of six planned we went home, nervous not being sure whether going straight to hospital... After six hours of driving when we arrived home, Bozhenka happily exclaimed: "Zbuzanky. Our home!!! That is better.“ And since then onward her state rapidly improved and in two days she was fit. It seems that she is not much of a traveller;) See the photos.