We have Upsee and a new Cough Assist

13/11/2014 00:28
Last month we received Upsee. Marketa Hanzlickova and her friend Alice visited us as representatives of donors who donated to Bozhenka for Upsee! Bozhenka got a teddy hippo, lots of candies and the great Upsee. It says in the instructions that it should be used at first near a table and only for a...

Wheelchair measuring

28/09/2014 14:25
Tomorrow we have a special appointment in our hospital. Bozhenka´s measures will be taken for her new power wheelchair which will be subsequently ordered! Hopefully, in about a month you will see how Bozhenka "rides".

Turkey - getting ready for winter

27/09/2014 12:47
We were in Antalya for 10 days. Bozhenka really loved that. It was a very successful trip because the sea air  helped to Bozhenka clear her lungs. You can see how it was in a new photo gallery.

!!!New earrings!!!

07/09/2014 22:34
I was asking for them for nearly a month!  You can see more here!
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